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Specific Purpose Webbing

Specific Purpose webbing (using fibers such as polyester, nylon or polypropylene)

Style of webbing Breaking strength Width Available UV resistance Cutting Resistance Stretching Markings Application


tie down strap 6,000 lbs and higher 1.75” And higher Yes* Yes** Minimal Tracers Fall protection webbing
Lashing 2,000 lbs and higher 1” to 4” Yes* Yes** Minimal Specific to client
Straps 1,000 lbs and higher 0.5” And higher Yes* Yes** Minimal Specific to client Truck covers, product securement, agriculture and construction
Sailing Webbing Boat, tent, outdoor expeditions. exposed to the elements
Lashing, reinforcement Fabric building webbing
Seat belt Safety, securement
Cordura flat webbing