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Photo of the companys founders

We started with a simple idea.

Our story begins with Carlos and Perla Sztain. Carlos’ dad had a textile mill in Argentina where they weaved elastics. Right now, our company is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and we are close to the Montana, USA border.

When Carlos and Perla immigrated to Calgary, Canada they continued with the weaving business. We continue to weave high-quality webbing, but this time, shifting their focus to high tenacity Polyester, Nylon, and less popular, exotic and technical yarns.

30 years later - we currently operate 50 looms to weave different webbings and have machinery to finish the product based on client’s needs. Our team of 20 skilled employees are dedicated to producing orders that meet your expectations.


We invite you to send us your samples and discover what your local supplier can do for your business.

Western Ribbons Quality Policy

Through a world-class quality management system and its drive to excellence, Western Ribbons Ltd. produces narrow woven fabrics and strapping that meet or exceed the highest industry standards and the most demanding client expectations.

Meet Our Current Team

Discover Our Experts

Della Picken,, Western Ribbons Ltd, webbing, cargo straps, lifting slings, tie-down, tow strap, round slings, double tubing
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Photo coming soon

Della Picken

Head of Sales/R&D

Pearl Sztain


Ana Hyder

Production Manager

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